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Drive-thru News


ETT-2006 and MDM-200 papers

Two new Drive-thru papers are available at the publications page.


Drive-thru software available

We have made our RTP measurement tools available on the software download page.



A new publication on automated WLAN hotspot authentication is available on the publications page.


Wifi-Voice-2005 and IST-Mobile-Summit-2005

Two new Drive-thru publications are available at the publications page.


Kivs-2005 and Infocom-2005 papers

Two new Drive-thru papers are available at the publications page.


City-wide WLAN in Philadelphia planned

PHILADELPHIA - Mayor John F. Street today announced the appointment of the Wireless Philadelphia™ Executive Committee to explore the opportunity for Philadelphia to become the first large city in the United States to provide city-wide wireless access.

Press release: (local copy)

CNN article: Philadelphia may provide wireless Internet for all (local copy)


Amsterdam Start-Up to Offer WiFi Internet Citywide

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Amsterdam's Web surfers could soon be liberated from their home computers and Internet cafes, with plans by a start-up firm to make their city the first European capital where laptops can hook up anywhere to the Web.

HotSpot Amsterdam launched a wireless computer network on Monday with a supercharged version of the WiFi technology that is used to turn homes, airports, hotels and cafes into Web-connected "hot spots."

Reuters article: (local copy)

HotSpot Amsterdam homepage:


PCMP Specification Posted

We have posted the specification of the Persistent Connection Management Protocol (PCMP). The latest version is available at the specification page.


Wi-Fi i 180 km/t

Teleavisen has posted an article on Drive-thru-Internet (in Norwegian): A local copy is available here.


WLAN-Redirect bei Hotspots patentiert

Der US-amerikanische Spezialist für drahtlose Kommunikation Nomadix hat sich das Patent auf WLAN-Gateway-Umleitungen gesichert.


Texaco pumps Wi-Fi into 100 garages

T-Mobile UK today announced that it has rigged 100 Texaco service stations with Wi-Fi hotspots. (local copy)


Intel Preps for Wimax Chips

Chip making giant Intel Wednesday said it would begin shipping silicon based on the 802.16 standard, known as Wimax, by the second half of this year.


Clic TGV Brings WiFi Onboard France's High Speed Trains

The new Clic TGV service from SNCF, France's national railway, enables high speed train passengers to access a range of information and entertainment programs broadcast on a Wifi network during their trip. Wifi (Wireless Fidelity) is the commercial name of wireless data transmission network technology. In mid-November 2003, Clic TGV started a six-month experimental phase on TGV's on the Paris-Bordeaux-Pau line. Passengers can choose between general information, weather reports, and the news as well as TGV information, train timetables, station plans, and tourist information on regions traveled through. They can also watch films and play interactive games. In addition, Clic TGV enables e-mails to be received or sent via access to personal messaging.


WLAN-Zugang an ueber 400 Agip-Tankstellen

Die Tankstellenkette Agip und die Airnyx AG haben eine Kooperationsvereinbarung geschlossen, nach der bis April 2004 vorerst ueber 400 Agip-Stationen von Airnyx mit WLAN ausgeruestet werden. An 30 Stationen ist der Service schon heute verfuegbar.


Citroën C8 WiFi: on-board multimedia

During CITE-M 2003, a three-day professional exhibition devoted to broadband solutions and services held in mid November, Citroën presented its C8 WiFi at the Palais Beaumont in Pau. The C8 Wifi uses WiFi wireless technology to provide a range of on-board broadband multimedia services, such as the on-board media library called "Lounge Station". Users can watch films contained in the library on their Tablet PC, a laptop computer touch screen, store photos taken with a digital camera or even access the Internet, when their car is immobile, via special connection terminals known as "hot spots". (local copy)


Citroën demonstrates in-car Wi-Fi

Citroën has demonstrated how the latest communications technology standard, Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity, can be fitted to its cars to provide low cost internet access while in transit.