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C2 CitroŽn Sport : a sport dream !
ISO 9001 year 2000 certification for Warsaw branch
CitroŽn C3 Pluriel is Cabriolet of the Year 2003
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Design and 2003 Sports Achievement Trophy
SensoDrive 1.4i 16V
C8 WiFi: on-board multimedia
An excellent score for the C2 in EuroNCap tests
C-Airlounge, Concept Car of the year 2003
1,372,000 vehicles sold in 2003 CitroŽn is on targ
C3 is Car of the Year 2004 in Uruguay
CitroŽn C3 HermŤs auctioned for 5.6 million yen
Golden brake pads for the C2 and the C3 Pluriel in

C8 WiFi: on-board multimedia

During CITE-M 2003, a three-day professional exhibition devoted to broadband solutions and services held in mid November, CitroŽn presented its C8 WiFi at the Palais Beaumont in Pau. The C8 Wifi uses WiFi wireless technology to provide a range of on-board broadband multimedia services, such as the on-board media library called "Lounge Station". Users can watch films contained in the library on their Tablet PC, a laptop computer touch screen, store photos taken with a digital camera or even access the Internet, when their car is immobile, via special connection terminals known as "hot spots".

CitroŽn also presented the C8 WiFi at the† "Mobile Office" exhibition in Paris from 2 to 4 December 2003.

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